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We are network and security specialists with decades of experience in hundreds of networks around the world. Put our expertise to work for you.

The Valenture approach

We serve each of our clients with custom solutions that fit their individual needs.

Icon of a lock with emanating circuit lines representing monitoring


Real-time, dynamic network map that cuts through the noise and tells you what you need to know, now.

Icon of a computer with a video chat representing remote conversations with engineers

Trusted Engineers

Your own team of familiar engineers available remotely or onsite.

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Real-time alerting and direct open lines of communication with your team of engineers.

Icon of three interconnected computers representing a network.

Network Oversight

We find and cover your blind spots. Put our niche expertise to work for you.

start with device logging & Monitoring

Powerful answers, smart graphical dashboard.

Perfectly customized, flexible solution that can start where you are today and easily scale as you grow.

smart graphical dashboard custom tailored to your needs, provides clear status info at-a-glance

shared dynamic topology map that significantly reduces troubleshooting efforts

reduced resolution time via answers to central questions like, "Is there an issue? Is it network, server or software?"

Legal Compliance for network device logging for networks with internet access

Monitoring Key Features

Real-time dashboard access via web and mobile app

Dedicated Microsoft Teams channels for direct access to our engineers and managers

Network assessment with on-boarding configuration assistance

Specialized software probe running local on a server or VM

Remote monitoring and management from our Azure cloud

Device monitoring & logging

Email alerts

 Mockup of an iPhone with the network monitoring dashboard displayed.

Combine with Exceptional Network Services

Powerful tools, experienced experts. Automated IT runbooks

Advanced troubleshooting capabilities, including automated incident responses via customizable runbooks

Automated Snapshots of your entire network infrastructure, far more than device config backups

Increased network performance and decreased downtime, often with your existing equipment

White Glove Service. Peace of mind. IT networking is our niche. We got this.

Network Services Key Features

Dedicated, assigned engineers (remote and/or onsite) for quick incident response with SLA.

Friendly engineers assigned to your account, who know your environment.

Dedicated Microsoft Teams channels for direct access to our engineers and managers.

Automated troubleshooting - runbooks that can help resolve issues automatically.

Automated network snapshots - capture more than just configs; capture the state of the network.

Discounted rates for exceptional professional services. Block of Hours used for either incident response or network projects.

Network device config backup

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Assessments and Compliance

Know where you stand, real measurements and real solutions

Compliance Areas


  • State Level information security laws

  • GDPR

  • GLBA

  • ISO 27001 & 27002

  • NCUA requirements



  • NIST Cyber Security Framework

  • FDIC


Assessment Areas


Network discovery and review of design and performance. Network engineer review of device configs and logs, findings and recommendations clearly documented and presented.


Review and test network security externally and internally.  Nessus scan testing with a security engineer reviewing device configs and logs, then documenting findings and recommendations.


Onsite review and measurement of wireless environment.  WiFi engineer review of overall WiFi network design, device configs and logs.  Finding and recommendations clearly documented and presented, along with a heat map.


Third party assessment and validation of information privacy and security controls to achieve compliance with applicable laws and standards.

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