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About Valenture

To have a high functioning and secured network you need to have products, solutions, and answers that best serve your company and the network it relies on. To achieve this you need a well-orchestrated network security team that can work together and get the job done - every time. The problem is most companies don’t have enough staff to keep up with their growing demands and their current service partners are slow and unreliable.


We know how stressful this can be when you are relying on your network to thrive as a business and protect your employees and clients. No company should have to worry about the security, safety, and operation of their network.

Managed Security Service Providers securing system

That’s why our team of highly experienced Managed Security Service Providers has engineered a service to stabilize, simplify, and automate secured networking solutions faster, and better with repeatable actions that ensure a reliable, secure network.

Getting started is simple:

2. Receive statement of work

3. We get to work


Schedule an Introductory Call with a specialist.

Schedule an Intro Call now so you stop worrying about your network and start having a team in your corner ensuring your network's success.

Valenture's Mission

  • Save businesses from failing due to cybersecurity attacks

  • Help IT executives succeed

  • Give customers peace of mind and make their lives easier

  • Simplify network operations and management

  • Take the guesswork out of network design and security

  • Deliver the best service and results to our customers 

  • Make the IT industry better

  • Help enterprises align their IT with their business goals 

  • Exceed expectations 

  • Expertise, quality, results – delivered 


Why Choose Valenture


We make extensive use of automation to provide consistent quality. Customers experience this automation from the initial engagement, demos, quoting, agreement and onboarding, all the way through to the remediation, alerting, and incident response.


Tools and automation are critical, but real relationships with real people are just as critical. Our customers know us and we know them. Any given customer will have a close working relationship with their account executive and familiarity with all engineers assigned to them.



The quality experience that customers get from working with Valenture is not simply due to automation and efficiency, but also due to our expertise. With over 50 years of experience, our team has worked with some of the largest and most complex networks in the world. 


Valenture means quality. Quality service, quality products, quality results, quality people, quality experience, quality relationships.


Valenture is a reseller of top industry products from vendors like Cisco, Palo Alto, Aruba, and many more.  We niche down to the best products and master them through our knowledge of the product line and skills to configure, deploy and troubleshoot.


Valenture is veteran-owned and operated, and made in America. Our company culture is akin to that of military special ops – a brotherhood of highly skilled, highly disciplined people working together toward a common goal.

Why Choose Us

The Valenture Leadership Team

Joel Hawbaker Managing Partner Managed Security Service Providers


Managing Partner

Mr. Hawbaker is one of the co-founders of Valenture and an experienced network and security engineer. Joel studied at the University of Illinois’ College of Electrical and Computer Engineering as well as at Columbia College Chicago. He has spent the last 20 years in various IT disciplines and has hands-on experience in some of the world’s largest networks.


A Chicagoland native, Joel now lives in Tennessee with his family.

Contact Joel Hawbaker:

Ron Hix Managing Partner Managed Security Service Providers


Managing Partner

Mr. Hix is a U.S. Navy veteran and co-founder of Valenture.  With 30+ years of experience in Information Technology (IT), Ron is an experienced network architect and hands-on network engineer with core skills designing, implementing and troubleshooting today’s complex global IT networks and solutions in LAN/WAN, WLAN, Route/Switch and Security.  


Ron is an Independent problem solver and creative thinker who loves to teach, learn and serve with skills and confidence built through real-world experience in many professional roles.

Contact Ron Hix:

Leadership Team
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