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  • Joel Hawbaker

The Greatest Cyber Risk?

Did you know that in the average enterprise, more than 30% of all network-connected endpoints are IoT devices? Although IoT offers innovative approaches and services, it also increases opportunities for new cybersecurity risks.

According to the Association of Equipment Manufacturers, the expansion of connected IoT devices represents a company’s greatest cyber risk over the next five years.

Watch the video below to learn more about this growing threat and what to do about it:


Our partner, Palo Alto Networks has released a threat report (below) assessing the state of the IoT threat landscape. The report uncovers findings on:

● Today’s IoT threat landscape

● The most vulnerable types of IoT devices

● Next steps you can take to immediately reduce IoT risk

Check out the report to better understand the risks to your enterprise. Afterwards, let’s set up a time to connect and talk about how we can help you develop an effective IoT strategy to prepare your business for the long term.

Download PDF • 3.17MB

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