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  • Joel Hawbaker

Cybersecurity Awareness Training Will Never Be Enough

In our digital-first world, cybersecurity awareness training is critical, yet it's not a standalone solution. Let's talk about pairing it with Remote Browser Isolation (RBI) to fortify our defenses.

🧑‍🏫 *Awareness Training: Necessary but Insufficient*

Awareness training educates teams about cyber threats, but the human element remains fallible. Despite training, mistakes happen, and that’s where relying solely on awareness shows its limits.

💻 *Remote Browser Isolation: Essential Technical Safeguard*

Enter RBI. It sequesters browsing away from networks, acting as an automatic gatekeeper that doesn’t sleep. It's a necessary layer of defense that doesn’t require human perfection.

🔗 *Integrating Awareness and Technology*

While awareness training makes teams smarter, RBI keeps our infrastructure safer. Integrated, they offer a more robust defense against the sophistication of modern cyber threats.


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