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  • Joel Hawbaker

Does More Money = Better Security?

Cybersecurity spending continues to rise.

But are we seeing evidence that more money = better security?

The cost of a breach also continues to rise.

According to IBM, the average breach in 2022 cost $4.35M.

So, is throwing more money at it the right strategy?

It's time to rethink this approach. A 'good enough' strategy, focused on proven methods and making the best use of what you have already bought is the key to more effective cybersecurity.

Are you investing in the right areas, or just adding to the spending spiral?

Rather than buying that new tool that promises to fix all of your security gaps, consider these questions:

Are you enforcing MFA for all users?

Are you using number matching with said MFA?

Are you backing up your systems?

Are you capturing logs?

Is someone watching those logs and responding to threats?

Is your Active Directory configured optimally for security?

Your network gear can do a lot to help or harm your security. Is it configured properly?

These are all basics and most are solutions you already own, but may not be using properly.

The bad guys aren't slowing down, but you can level up your security without breaking the bank.

We are always willing to answer questions and help business leaders figure out if they could be getting more out of their IT spend. No strings attached. Just reach out.


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